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Kelsey. Formerly the-slayers-have-the-phone-box. I’m primarily a Doctor Who, Orphan Black, and Whedonverse blog, but you’ll see many other fandoms on here as well (oitnb, ouat, lost girl, spn, etc.). My biggest fictional crushes are Spike and Cosima Niehaus. Hit up my ask box some time.
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Don’t travel a l o n e

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Anonymous sent: What is your sexuality?


people who don’t watch anime

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i lost it with the salad

completely lost it at the gravy

are you srs i couldn’t make it past the brussels sprouts

billy i thought we all agreed to never be creative again

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"This is Halloween"

So fucking perfect.

i want to go to disney in the fall more than anything holy halloween just take me there

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characters that go from villain to weird family member give me strength

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Cosima is all of us

breathe girl, breathe


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Anonymous sent: to prev anon: to me one of the hardest parts about being bi is constantly measuring if my levels of attraction to any gender is "too much" or "not enough" and whether or not it disqualifies me. i've been IDing as bi for 10+ years and i still question myself. the most freeing thing i ever learned is that if i feel attraction to multiple genders to ANY DEGREE and in ANY CAPACITY then it's enough. i'm allowed to call myself bi. so are you.
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